Aya Chebbi, an activist for change and gender equality in Tunisia

Aya Chebbi, is a blogger and activist from Tunisia. She rose to prominence in 2010 when she joined others in protesting for political change in her country.The protests in Tunisia sparked similar revolutions across the Arab world; a historic political moment that is now known as the Arab Spring.

As a result of her activism and ability to use social media to inspire change, she’s founded multiple platforms that promote intergenerational leadership in Africa.

She recently shared her views on here personal experience and how she is confronted with the realities of being a woman and being reminded daily about gender discrimination in all spheres.

“The more we have gender equality, the better world we live in. Whether economically, socially, politically, women just need to be at the decision-making table for us to move in the right direction,” she says.

She explains about the need for all genders to work together to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.

“The fight for gender equality is my fight, it’s your fight, so join the fight,” she adds.

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